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Summer Activities

Mountain Paths | Mountain Biking
Cave Exploration | Balneotourism
Hunting, Fishing and Horseriding

The area of the town of Chepelare offers good conditions for the development of many and various activities in the summer months. In the summer the mountain will welcome you with sunny skies, meadows dotted with medicinal herbs and wild flowers, crystal-clear air, filled with the perfume of pines. The average summer temperatures here are about 18°Ñ, so the mountain is the ideal place to seek shelter from the summer heat. The summer is quiet, windless, calm and warm.
In the Rhodope Mountains you can walk, ride a bike or on horseback, or you can join one of the organised hiking groups. And, in addition to the multitude of natural wonders, you can visit some of the manmade landmarks in Chepelare and its environs. In the town you can go to the Museum and speleology and the Bulgarian karst which is the only one of its kind not only in Bulgaria but in the whole Balkan Peninsula. The churches of “St. Athanasius” and “Our Lady”, built in the dark centuries of the Ottoman domination deserve your attention.
The old school building with a bell-tower over 80 years old is one of the town’s architectural landmarks. Only 1 – 1,5 hours away by car are located the famous Bachkovo Monastery, the Assenova Fortress; the architectural and historic reserve in the village of Shiroka Laka, the craftsmen's cooperative in Zabardo, the architectural and ethnographic complex “Agushevi konaci” in the village of Mogilitza, the National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen; the planetarium and the Cheshiteva district in Smolian etc.
Mountain Paths
The mountain paths will invite you to follow them and discover the beauty of the untouched nature. The one-day outings are just the beginning of the hiking excursions along traced and marked paths, connecting the tourist rest-houses in the area. During these outings you can enjoy the spectacular mountain landscapes and visit some of the natural phenomena in the area like the rock formations Chudnite mostove (The Wonderful bridges), The Elephant, The Maid, The Trigrad and Buinovo gorges, Krastova gora etc.
Some of the traditional hiking routes starting from Chepelare include:
Chepelare – the village of Stoykite
Chepelare – the village of Shiroka Laka
Chepelare – Rozhen – Momina Voda peak
Chepelare – Pamporovo – “Studenetz” rest-house – Murgavetz peak – Snezanka peak – Ardashli
Chepelare – Pamporovo – Prevala – “Perelik” rest-house – Goliam Perelik peak
Chepelare – Mechi Chal peak – “Izgrev” rest-house – the rock phenomenon Chudnite mostove
For the mountain-bikers the Rhodope Mountains offers ideal conditions to practice different styles of this sport.
The best place in the Rhodopes for downhill biking is Snezhanka peak near Pamporovo and the ski tracks in this area. Very convenient are the ski lifts that continue working during the summer moths for the tourists. Other steep tracks where one can practice extreme biking are Kainadina peak, Turlata near Gela, the ski track Mechi Chal near Chepelare and others.
Perhaps the best spots for free ride are under Perelik peak, from “Perelik” rest-house northwest to the villages of Gela, Solishta and Stoykite, and east to Smolyan and the Smolyan Lakes. Many mountain paths and ground roads lead east from Mount Chernatitza to Chepelare and Zabardo and west to Shiroka Laka. Other marked paths start under Persenk peak and descend along the ridge of Persenk in the direction of the river valleys and the villages of Malevo, Hvoyna and Orehovo.
The best conditions for cross-country mountain-biking, which is the most popular style in this sport, will be found in the central part of the Rhodopes. The tracks offer different lengths and levels of difficulty. Everyone can choose his own cross-country route in the Central Rhodopes that best suits his/her preferences and skills.
Cave Exploration
Speleology and Cave exploration are traditional activities in the region and are based principally in the Trigrad karst area, one of the largest in the country. Here more than 150 caves have been discovered, and 7 of these shelter prehistoric dwellings. In the 1970s a project was started to turn three caves – Dyavolskoto gurlo, the Yagodina cave and the Uhlovitza cave - into illuminated show caves, which reveal to the visitors the secrets of the underground world.
Balneotourism is a traditional element of Bulgaria’s profile as a tourist destination. The tradition to use the medicinal qualities of the waters and the natural resources was founded by the Thracians, who were known as skilful healers, knowledgeable of the healing properties of mineral springs. These traditions were taken up by the Romans and the “sacred” springs of Thrace became famous throughout the Roman Empire.
Just 60 km west and 40 km north of the town of Chepelare some of the most important balneological resorts in Bulgaria – Devin and Narechenski Mireralni Bani - are located. The many hot mineral springs with water temperatures from 16 to 76°Ñ are conducive to the therapy and prophylaxis of the locomotory system, neurological, renal and cardiac diseases, diabetes and obesity, while one of the springs in Narechen is used to heal chronic ophthalmic diseases. The bottled water of the springs in Devin is one of the best known and popular mineral table waters in Bulgaria.
Hunting, Fishing and Horseriding
The rich wildlife diversity and the hunting and fishing traditions of the local population create the right conditions for the development of hunting and fishing in the area. Just 80–90 km of the town of Chepelare some of the largest and most beautiful dam lakes in Bulgaria are located – Dospat, Vacha, Goliam Beglik and Batak dams, where the fishing enthusiasts can practice their hobby and fish for mountain trout – one of the finest fish delicacies in the world.
Besides being among the most important balneological resorts in Bulgaria, the town of Devin is the second centre for international hunting tourism in the country. The wild life thriving in the surrounding forests and in the dedicated hunting reserves includes wild boar, deer, wood-grouse, wild goats, hares and other animals. Many pleasant moments await in the surroundings of Chepelare also the mushroom and herb-gatherers.

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